Blume Organics Releases Guide to Skin Sanitizer Safety

Blume Organicstm Releases Guide to Skin Sanitizer Safety:

Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid

Santa Cruz, CA, July 23, 2020: Blume Organics today announced its exclusive Guide to Sanitizer Safety is available “Free” online ( The Guide is a consumer resource with comprehensive information about the dangerous chemicals and artificial ingredients, currently in use in skin and hand sanitizers.

“Consumers deserve to know what is going on their hands and skin. This is especially true when you are applying a substance to your skin multiple times daily,” said Tom Harvey, Co-Founder Blume Organics. “Many of the chemicals and ingredients in sanitizers today are unnecessary, toxic and hazardous. Because they are unsafe for use, the Food and Drug Administration has been pulling sanitizer products from the market and citing specific companies for their products, i.e. ( At Blume we provide full label disclosure and believe that, if you wouldn’t put these ingredients in your food, you shouldn’t put them on your skin! Organics matter, to the planet and to us.

Blume’s Guide was written by Blume Organics Co-Founder and author of the critically-acclaimed book, Alcohol Can Be A Gas!, David Blume. The Guide identifies the most common toxic ingredients being sold today in commercial sanitizers, including: benzalkonium chloride, triclosan, glycerin made from petroleum, phthalates, denaturants, acetone and more. It describes the unhealthy effects these harsh chemical and petroleum-based ingredients have on our hands and skin.

“Unlike most commercial hand-sanitizer companies, Blume products feature only organic ethyl alcohol that we make from organic inputs. Alcohol is a proven antiseptic solution and kills germs and pathogens that we are in contact with daily, “Blume stated. “We handcraft our products at California Certified Organic Food (CCOF) Whiskey Hill Farms, in Watsonville CA. We use 75% organic ethyl alcohol in our skin and hand sanitizer products and 80% organic ethyl alcohol in our surface sanitizer and never use methanol or petro-chemicals in any of our products. 80% alcohol is what the World Health Organization have determined actually kills COVID-19. WHO’s recommendations, titled “Guide to Local Production: WHO-recommended Handrub Formulations,” can be found at and covers Alcohol (ethanol) (formulated to 80%, volume/volume) in an aqueous solution.”

About Blume Organicstm

Blume sanitizers contain pure, organic, non-GMO, non-corn, Plant Based and Petroleum Freetm ethyl alcohol, organic vegetable glycerin, organic essential oils of lavender, lemon, and/or eucalyptus. Blume Organics’ Skin and Hand Sanitizer and Surface Sanitizer ( products are available in 4-ounce spray bottles and 64-ounce refill bottles to help promote reuse and repurposing of plastic. Blume products are made at Whiskey Hill Farms in Watsonville California, by Monterey Bay Renewable Fuels 1 where the Company is transforming local organic food waste and crop material into high-demand, high-return products.

Products include organic ethyl-alcohol-based safe sanitizers; organic fertilizers and soil amendments to help our planet, our communities and ourselves flourish. For more information contact; Tom Harvey – (831) 722-1012 x105 •